TA.20 texture analyzer launched by Shanghai Baosheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
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IntroductionThe TA.20 texture analyzer launched by Shanghai Baosheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is specially designed for students'teaching.  The instrument adopts international force sensor, high-performance motor and wear-resistant rotating shaft. It continues the excellent software control and automatic data analysis performance of TA texture analyzer. It has excellent quality, intelligent operation and favorable price. This texture analyzer is especially suitable for the research and teaching of food physical properties.


基本参数Instrument Specification

测试精度 Force Resolution: 0.001g 

速度解析度Speed Resolution: 0.01mm/s. 

升降臂全距 Maximum Distance: 350mm

位移精度Distance Resolution: 0.001mm

数据采集率 Data Acquisition Rate: 500 per second


功能Application Studies

Test type: Basic Single Test, Texture Profile Analysis (TPA)

Instrument protection: Emergency stop device; Upper and lower limit control device; Overload protection of the force sensor on the software;

Instrument operation: curve and test results displayed on the same screen;

Language: English or Chinese; easy to operate;

Technical support: Application manual with more than 300 methods



Food texture analyzer. Instrument of physical property. Meat tenderness tester. Gel strength tester. Measurement of noodle tension. Measurement of Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables

Adhesive test.Material Testing Machine.Disintegration of tablets.Food texture analyzer.Physical test. Tester for gelatin.Meat tenderness tester.Pork tenderness evaluation method. Firmness. Hardness. Stickiness. Brittleness. Crispness. Elasticity. Consistency. Stability. Toughness. Cohesiveness.

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