Electronic Nose for Odor discrimination-
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The primary detection object of electronic nose is volatile odor substances. When odor molecules pass through the electronic nose, "odor fingerprint" of the smell can be detected by special sensors and analyzed with intelligent pattern recognition algorithm to tell the difference in odor among samples. With this "odor fingerprint" data, we can distinguish and recognize different samples in several minutes. In addition, certain flavoring substances have multiple quality information affected by many variables, such as different raw materials, different harvest time, different processing conditions and different storage environment. electronic nose is composed of the most advanced sensor, which are currently of the best stability, the highest detection accuracy of the electronic nose .



Process control: quantity control of additives in food production, industrial cleaning process control, fermentation process control, the amount of artificial gas in natural gas, the production control of packaging in food industry, deep fry or barbecue process control.


Quality control: odor of grease, freshness of food, exhaled gas of packaging, solvent residue of polymer, degradation of flavor, drug gas, characteristics of resin, aroma of beverage, etc.


Environmental safety control: waste water purification process, fertilizer odor, filtration process management, indoor air pollution, bacteria identification, leakage control, combustion control.


Examples of application

1. Food rancidity analysis

2. Analysis of molasses species and aromatic characteristics

3. Meat freshness analysis

4. Analysis of fruit freshness aroma types

5. Identification and analysis of yogurt and ingredients

6. Milk freshness analysis

7. Distinguish different non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juice

8. Analysis on the difference of aroma of alcoholic drinks

9. Analysis of grain growth

10. Aroma score of coffee and related products

11. Tobacco quality and aroma analysis

12. Analysis of aroma of other food



Unique interactive sensitive multi-sensor array: 14 metal oxide semiconductor sensors of different properties

Detection accuracy: up to PPB level

Detection duration: 1-2 minutes per sample

Sensor response time: less than 1 second

Stable detection data: each sensor in an independent air chamber.

Easy to operate: complete intelligent pattern recognition.

3 types available: online, portable and desktop.

Multiple mathematical statistics system:

Discriminating test (PCA) for differences in overall quality of objects

Origin protection products and brand product authenticity identification (SIMCA, PLS-DA)

Product quality rating (DFA)

Fast inversion of sensory properties and physicochemical indexes of samples (PLS)

Product shelf life evaluation (PCA, PLS)




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