Texture Analyzer for Fruit and vegetable
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Product Introduction 

      Texture analyzer can be used to analyze the physical properties of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes and processed fruits and vegetables, so as to provide guidance for the planting, transportation, preservation and processing of fruits and vegetables. 

 Texture analyzer is a powerful analytical tool for the study of food physical properties in universities, scientific research institutes, food enterprises, laboratories of quality inspection institutions and other departments. It can be applied to the physical analysis of meat products, Cereals, Oils and foodstuffs, pasta, grains, candy, fruits and vegetables, gels, jam and so on. It can be used for physical properties analysis of pharmaceutical, chemical materials, biomimetic materials, cosmetics and other materials.

Instrument Specification
Force Resolution:0.0001g
Speed Resolution:0.0001mm/s
Maximum Distance:0-350mm
Distance Resolution:0.0001mm
Data Acquisition Rate: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 per second


Application Studies
Test type: Basic Single Test, Texture Profile Analysis(TPA), repeated test, et al.
Data analysis: firmness, softness, adhesiveness, stickiness, springiness, cohesiveness, resilience, extensibility, relaxation, swelling, brittleness, shear strength, and crispiness, et al.
Real-time results: the screen displays real-time curve with scales, which can be zoomed in and out to view the curve, and users can intuitively see the changes of detection data.
Convenient and fast data export via USB 
Load cell with mechanical limit protection device 



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